Monday, September 17, 2012

Kyle Patrick in Dumaguete for MTV EXIT

Hi there (as if I have a follower ^_^ )! It's been a long time since I've written here. I decided to update my blog for me to share my experience with MATA (Movement of Anti Trafficking Advocates) and MTV EXIT's Youth Jam. This event is to raise awareness regarding the issues of exploitation and human trafficking. They have arranged a series of Roadshows to be conducted in several locations in the Philippines, such as Dipolog, Lipa, and here in Dumaguete.

Kyle singing Don't Let Me Go

MATA, MTV EXIT, and The Visayan Forum Foundation have worked hard for this concert to happen that took place at the Freedom Park exactly a month ago, August 17, 2012. Prior to that free concert, they have been to different schools to educate students about their cause through a Youth Jam. I was able to join one last August 10 in ACSAT (Asian College of Science and Technology). Romualdo SeƱeris II gave a symposium about human trafficking and showed the MTV EXIT's Enslaved video to the students. It showed stories of several victims here in the Philippines. I felt so sad hearing the victims' experiences, how they got tricked with having a prosperous life for their family if they worked abroad, then ended up serving as househelps with no just compensation and beaten up like a creature. There are also worse cases wherein they were made to do pornography for customers online. You can actually see the video through here.

Kyle also discussed about safe migration to students in Saint Paul University of Dumaguete. You can check out Adam Sharpe of MTV EXIT's video through this link.

At least 2000 students in Saint Paul University of Dumaguete

It saddens me to know that this is actually happening around us. I'm lucky that I did not experience this, despite the fact that I am also having financial issues with my family that we need to take care of. It should be instilled in our mind that we should ask questions when we are in doubt of the amazing opportunity that is given to us; it really pays to be a skeptic sometimes. We should also not rush to get out of the country to work so that we can have the material things that we want to possess, we must take each step one at a time; slowly but surely. Remember: HASTE MAKES WASTE. I hope you know what I mean. Most important thing, do not trust anyone; that's plain simple. If you feel that there is something not right with this person, then you should not engage to any offers he/she entices you.

It was an honor to be involved in this cause to raise awareness on human trafficking and the simple way to end this, be aware and spread the word. We just need to be cautious with every decision we make in life. So, if you have time (I know you do because you had the time reading this), you can join us by spreading the word about human trafficking and be alerted with news regarding this matter. You can just simply do this through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Just visit MTV EXIT's website here and also like their Facebook page. Please also like Movement of Anti-Trafficking Advocates's page to know ways on how you can help fight for this cause. You can also volunteer by visiting The Visayan Forum, Inc. and they welcome anyone who wishes to help out.

Some members of MATA at the photo booth
You can have fun and help out at the same time!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I was supposed to write an entry on my "fan girl" mode when I met Kyle Patrick of The Click Five, but decided it to post it next time.

Friday, October 2, 2009

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES - Family Ties (Season 1, episode 4)

TVD did it! They showed who's the boss! Ha! I love Twilight, but I just hate those people comparing this show to Twilight, and calling it as a rip-off. Oh, well, I am loving the scriptwriters of TVD. Kudos to you! Here's a scene where Damon was talking to Caroline about a book from the Twilight Saga series. It's probably Eclipse or Breaking Dawn.

Damon: What's so special with this Bella girl? Edward's so whipped.

Caroline: You gotta read the first book first. It won't make sense if you don't.

Damon: Ha! I miss Anne Rice. She was so on it.

Caroline: How come you don't sparkle?

Damon: Because I live in the world where vampires burn in the sun.

Caroline: Yeah, but you go in the sun?

Damon: I have a ring. It protects me. Long story.

Caroline: Will these bites turn me into a vampire?

Damon: It's more complicated than that. Uh.. You have to, ah, feed on my blood then die, then feed on a human. ..... This book, by the way, has it all wrong.

BTW, I love Anne Rice. If I were a real vampire (based by Anne Rice in the vamp lore), I would be mad of how Twilight showed how vampires are. Just kidding. I don't want to start a fight. I am just speaking my opinion. Feel free to show yours.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Just pondering

I am just wondering how to lessen or remove squatters in my city. I want them to have a home of their own that is safe. It might not be a new idea, but I just hope in the near future that my city will help the homeless. It doesn't look good that there are squatters anywhere.

My idea is that to create a building that is an apartment type inside their room. There is a CR, kitchen, dining area, living room, and a bedroom or two in each residential room. The building should be tall to accomodate many families. How I wish this could be implemented. By the way, there should also be something like at the back of their house that they can hang their washed clothes or something like that. There is also a recreational place. There is a basketball court, stage, and a little playground.

 Instead of using a wide lot to place houses, why not a lot that can handle a tall building? There can be many residential rooms for them. They can pay a justifiable amount every month for their stay. This is just for maintenance and future projects that they can take advantage of in the future.

Sigh! Just wishing. Maybe I can discuss this to the officials here.